Continental beds are synonymous with comfort and good rest. Why? Due to the high mattress and additional elements improving comfort of rest. The CANNES model has a 20 cm high bonel mattress enriched with a 5 cm layer of additional T25 foam placed on the top and bottom of the mattress. The bed was also equipped with a topper - a 4 cm thick mattress pad made of T21 foam. This combination of filling elements ensures that the comfort of rest reaches its maximum. Due to the use of appropriate materials, the bed is not only comfortable, but also sufficiently stable - this in turn has a direct impact on the proper support of the body and protection of the spine during sleep. The convenience of CANNES is not the only advantage. This model is stylized as a modern, yet universal bed that fits both the interior decorated in a modern style, as well as glamour, minimalist, loft or Scandinavian. Attention to the quality of workmanship and a decorative element in the form of a high headband sewn in makes this type of furniture extremely elegant despite its simple form.The bed has storage spaces that open laterally.
The entire bed is handmade, using high quality materials, resistant to dirt.
The color of the product shown in the image may differ slightly from the real one.

  • Product details

    Material: bed frame made of wood frame, PAL, t-25 foam and velvet, body consisting of 16 mm PAL and polyurethane foam, velvet upholstery 300 g / m² density, 60,000 score on the Martindale test, 20 cm from the basic mattress made of bonell springs, t-25 foam and density 400 g / m², 5 cm mattress topper in t-21 foam and 100% polyester sweater material, silver plastic legs 2 cm


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